Our Work in Railways

AGES Services in Railways

Railway Infrastructure Signalling & Telecom Railway Technologies
Survey, fixing of alignment and designing of track Embankment and cuttings, Bridges and tunnels, Doubling works, Steel girder fabrication and erection. AGES Rail Works has tie ups with global major railways signaling solutions and technical know how in Rail electrical systems and range of systems. Light rail and mass rapid transport system infrastructure, New Innovative Technologies in Rapid Transport Railway Systems.

Indian Railways Covered 5 Zones

  1. Southern Central Railways
  2. Southern Railways
  3. Northern Railways
  4. East Coast Railways
  5. North East Railways
  6. Western Railways

Segments Covered

  1. Signaling & Telecom
  2. Civil Works
  3. Electrical Works
  4. Mechanical
  5. Goods & Services

Our Expertise

  1. Route Relay Interlocking
  2. Solid state Interlocking
  3. Panel Interlocking
  4. OFC and Cable projects
  5. BPAC, Data Loggers
  6. IBS, Major Yards
  7. Connectivity Projects/Sidings
  8. Railway Electrification
  9. Multi Aspect light Signaling, Automatic Signaling
  10. LC Gate Projects, Tokenless Block Instruments