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AGES (Aveli Global Engineering Solutions) is one of India's leading company dealing with Signaling & Telecom works in Railways and Hydrology & Meteorology equipment suppliers. AGES was established in Aug 2017 & currently working with 100+ employees across India.
Aveli Global Engineering Solutions (AGES) is a private limited company registered under 1956 ROC act, providing various high end integrated solutions in the field of measurement with product range of Hydro-Meteorological Instruments.
AGES solutions are also there in the Railways, under this railway projects AGES doing different works like Route Relay Interlocking, Solid state Interlocking, Panel Interlocking, OFC and Cable projects, BPAC, Data Loggers, IBS, Major Yards, Connectivity Projects/Sidings, Railway Electrification, Multi Aspect light Signaling, Automatic Signaling, LC Gate Projects, Tokenless Block Instruments etc.
Measurement solutions in the field of Agriculture, Medical laboratory, Mining, Geotechnical, Power, Energy, Agricultural equipment and another specialized measurement in India and neighboring countries are provided by experts in their fields having vast experience of providing similar solutions.
AGES products and services are used by government organizations and several institutions to monitor the atmospheric conditions impacting climate change, energy sources, water resources, agriculture, forest cover and other vital factors that determine the environment we live in.


It is our vision to become the world’s market leader in providing innovative, reliable, robust and quality services in the field of Railways - signaling & telecom, hydrology & meteorology. We will achieve our vision by continually offering state-of-the art products and outstanding services that meet or exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.

Why Choose Us

  • Intime Execution :- Comprehensive project mapping, planning and implementation skills
  • Management :- AGES is today one of the experienced railway contractors in India
  • Robust Project Execution :- The Company has built a reputation of liquidating projects within the stipulated timeframe/span

Our Strengths

  • Organizational Structure :- We operate an almost flat hierarchy that permits faster deciding and at an equivalent time allowing real time monitoring to make sure healthy progress on-field and timely supply of raw-material. On the opposite hand, this structure also helps our clients to possess regular updates and reach bent the highest management regarding any project queries at any point in time.
  • Highly Skilled Workforce :- Our technical teams have been with our firms since our inception. They have gathered exceptional skill sets and can accomplish any task in Signaling and Telecom in record times. The Network of Sub-Contractors we developed over time has been our backbone and can continue in expansive phases.
  • Credibility and Powerful relation with Railway Departments/Clients :- It took over a decade to create the reputation we currently hold. An integral a part of our organization is to strive for quality and hence we are well recognized in every division we've worked with thus far.
  • Technical Collaborations with Leading Equipment Suppliers :- We have established future relations with major equipment suppliers from all across the country and that we are persisted high regard due to our professionalism and work ethics.

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